MIS Auto Decaper

Model No : MD 2006A


‧多功能的整合系統: 鑽研、蝕刻、沖洗和超音波洗淨 



‧Rapid process speed (Milling, Etching, Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning)
‧Three methods of acid etching (Fuming HNO3, H2SO4, Mixing)
‧Accurate Decapping (Incluing Cu Process)
‧Dual heating system (Jig plate & Halogen Lamp)
‧Convenient GUI control using computer
‧Safe and closed operation space





    Item Description
    Dimension 1420(W) x 875(D) x 1720(H) mm
    Weight Approx. 250 kg
    Procedure Milling, Etching, Heating, Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Inspection
    Handling IC Size 2x2 mm ~ 50x50 mm
    (Minimum Milling Depth : Approx. 0.01 mm)
    Etchant Fuming Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Fuming Sulfuric Acid
    Cleaning Solution Acetone
    Heating Temperature 1. Beam Heater : (Room Temp.)~ 400 °C 
    2. Jig Heater : (Room Temp.)~ 250 °C 
    Free Control by Dual Heating System
    Ultrasonic 38~40 KHz
    Process Time Milling: 1~2 min., Etching~Cleaning: 3~15 min. (Average Time)
    Utility Roted Voltage : AC 220V/110V, 1 Phase 
    Roted Current : 15A 
    Roted Frequency : 50 ~ 60 Hz 
    Air Pressure : 6kg/㎠ (bar) 
    Fume Exhaust Line 
    De-Ionized Water Supply / Drain
    Program User Interface : Window Based Graphical User Interface
    Applications BGA, PBGA, BOC, DIP, QFP, CSP, SCSP, MCM, TSOP and etc.