StrainScope® Flex






‧Fast and easy operation
‧Objective, reproducible and precise measurement results
‧Maximum flexibility for research, development and process automation
‧Fully compatible with the proven StrainScope software
‧Powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) for seamless integration of the StrainCam into your own applications



  • StrainScope® Flex

    Versatile real-time polarimeter for fast and precise measurement of residual stresses in glass and plastics<

    The StrainScope® Flex is the ideal solution for varying measuring tasks or the realization of special solutions, e.g. in development and process automation.

    The design is compact and modular. All important components such as camera, lens and optical filters are directly accessible. Changing the lens or adjusting the working distance is done quickly and without tools.

    The StrainScope® Flex can be used with both linearly and circularly polarized lighting. In addition, the camera and the compact light source unit can be separated, e.g. for easier integration into existing processes.