StrainScope® S3/180, S3/180C Series






‧Objective and reliable results
‧Fast and easy operation
‧Improvement in quality by on-site measurement
‧Traceability by automatic archival of all results
‧Cost reduction by optimizing the production process



  • StrainScope® S3/180, S3/180C Series

    main application container glass (bottles, food jars, etc.),
    plastic films
    working distance approx. 410 mm
    illumination LED array, linearly or circularly (C) polarized
    image acquisition matrix camera with fixed focal lens
    image resolution 600 x 450 px
    image size approx. 150 x 112 mm
    spatial resolution approx. 0.25 mm/px
    measuring results polarization angle (°)
    temper number (ASTM C 148-00)
    optical retardation nm)
    normalized retardation(nm/cm, nm/in)
    integrated stress (MPa, psi)
    measuring range approx. -280 to +280 nm
    approx. 0 to 100 nm (C)
    interfaces USB 2.0, foot switch (1/4" jack)
    power supply 100-240 V AC, 45-65 Hz, 100 VA
    dimensions approx. 890 x 350 x 420 mm (H/W/D), w/o PC