Strain Scope S4 Series






‧Objective and reliable results
‧Fast and easy operation
‧Improvement in quality by on-site measurement
‧Traceability by automatic archival of all results
‧Cost reduction by optimizing the production process



  • StrainScope® S4/20

  • main application hollow glas (tableware, bottles, food jars, tubular glass, etc.)
    positioning table rotary table with linear adjustment and support for Petri dishes Ø 140 mm
    working distance approx. 180 mm
    illumination LED
    image acquisition matrix camera with fixed focal lens
    image resolution 600 x 450 px
    image size approx. 16 x 12 mm
    spatial resolution approx. 27 µm/px
    measuring results polarization angle (°)
    optical retardation nm)
    normalized retardation(nm/cm, nm/in)
    integrated stress (MPa, psi)
    measuring range approx. -280 to +280 nm
    interfaces USB 2.0, foot switch (1/4" jack)
    power supply 100-240 V AC, 45-65 Hz, 100 VA
    dimensions approx. 890 x 350 x 420 mm (H/W/D), w/o PC